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How do you create a chatbot?

Customer service means a lot of work. 80% of customer inquiries keep returning (FAQs). The remaining 20% is complex and must be assigned to the right agent via pre-qualification. How can you handle this challenge so that your customer service is successful and efficient? With our free chatbot builder, you can quickly create effective chatbots or virtual assistants that make

What is the best chatbot?

How does a chatbot work? What is a messenger bot? What does a bot do? These questions are answered by the best chatbots we’ve put together for you. The hype around chatbot has given way to reality. Companies pay close attention to the added value that automation of dialogue, the core of every chatbot, delivers. Companies such as Bayer, Nestlé,

What luminaire for a dining room?

The dining room is the most friendly room that needs a decor very well thought out and created according to the needs of the family. To create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in your dining room, you may need to specify the lighting — whether it will be done by a single luminaire or if you put a central source …

How do you set up a Facebook chatbot?

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot for free and without programming skills.